Dalman Show Jumping's training and showing program is built on communication, horsemanship, and mentorship.


Sandra Dalman works with students of all ages and experience levels that desire to improve their skills, both in and out of the saddle. She tailors her program to each student's goals, whether it be to build a partnership with a new horse, improve upon training at home, or achieve success in the show ring. Her ability to articulate how to feel and execute what needs to be done on top of a horse is second to none. She also has a keen ability to relate to her students, which is why she has often been referred to as a role model for many young riders.


Dalman Show Jumping not only promotes competitive spirit, but also maintains a family atmosphere where horse and rider always come first, and the love for the sport is never lost.

Dalman Show Jumping accepts full-time clients and well as outside clients and seasonal clients in both Ridgefield, CT, and Wellington, FL.






Dalman Show Jumping boasts a strong record of developing quality show horses. Exceptionally intuitive and hands on throughout the entire development process, Sandra Dalman loves nothing more than logging training hours and improving the horses with which she works.

Incredibly sensitive to each horse's needs, Sandra prides herself in her ability to both assess a horse and maximize a horse's potential, and she has brought up numerous young show jumping prospects to the FEI level.

While continuing to pursue high performance sport, Dalman Show Jumping is always scouting young prospects to join its program. 




With Sandra Dalman's astute business acumen, strong communication skills, extensive networking, and intuitive horsemanship, it's no wonder Dalman Show Jumping has become an industry leader in performance horse sales.

While always offering a select group of horses for sale and lease, Dalman Show Jumping also takes in horses on consignment and acts as an agent for countless sales throughout the industry.

Sandra Dalman has a tremendous eye for a horse, as well as a keen ability to match horses to jobs and riders where they will succeed. 

Contact Dalman Show Jumping to find your next equine partner or to help facilitate the sale of your performance horse.


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