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10 Questions with Sandra Dalman

Sandra Dalman is the head trainer and brains behind Dalman Show Jumping. The business has been running since 2011. Originally rooted in Fort Wayne, IN., Dalman Show Jumping is now based in Ridgefield, CT, and Wellington, FL. Keep reading to learn about Sandra!

1. What is your favorite vacation spot?

I don’t like vacations, but if I had to choose it would be Kaanapali Beach in Maui or Hanalei Bay in Kauai. 

2. What is your favorite bit and why do you like it?

Neue-Shule Tranz-Angled Lozenge loose ring bit. All types of horses seem to really like and accept it. It will make a strong horse softer over time and helps a horse become rideable without a ton of pressure.

3. Explain your training style in three sentences or less.

Traditional hunter/jumper foundation from the George Morris and de Nemethy  methods. I like to keep it simple when coaching clients and make sure that horse and rider are confident to compete and do their best.

Sandra training.

4. What horse has had the biggest impact on your riding career?

A Frieda O. I jumped my first WEF Grand Prixs on her, qualified and competed in my first Saturday Night Lights in Wellington, and won and completed in many grand prixs. She was the first horse that made me realize I could compete successfully at the International level, making me ride more confidently on all horses.

Sandra and A Frieda O.

5. What is your favorite horse show? 

Palm Beach Masters.

6. What is something you always have to have in your trunk or ring bag?

Allergy medicine because I’m allergic to horses and dust.

7. What level do you ride at and how many horses do you typically have in your string?

International 3* level and I typically own three of my own horses and have a couple that get sent to me for sale.

Sandra and "Sneeks."

8. What trainer helped you become the rider you are now?

I give George Morris the credit for making me the rider I am today, but the horses have always taught me the most.

9. What are your favorite white show breeches and what type of underwear do you wear with them?

Dada sport are my favorite because they don't become baggy and they are not see through, plus they keep me cool. I wear Hanky Panky Modal Jersey thongs.

10. Why do you wear all those masks?

I take my sun protection seriously! I want to be wrinkle free and beautiful forever.

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